DOC Development Inc. (DDI) has a documented history of supporting the U.S. Government with complex sustainment requirements. DDI’s history includes manufacturing, equipment testing, calibration, logistical support, and other tasks associated with government operations. 

DOC Development Inc. (DDI) provides solutions to the governments prototyping, Research and Development (R&D), and low-volume manufacturing needs.  DDI runs a machine shop that evolves to meet the current and projected needs of our customers.


    • 3D Composite parts
    •  Precision Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
    • Machining 
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • 3D / CAD File Design 
    • Low-rate Production 
    • Inert Class V
    • Munitions 
    • Assembly 

    DDI specializes in the sustainment of systems, parts, and components that are either not supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or supported at prohibitively high costs. 


    • Fiscally sustainable repair and replacement 
    • IMILES sensors 
    • Inert Class V Munitions 
    • IMILES munitions (RPG, Javelin & Stinger)

    Supply Chain 

    The current state of the supply chain is front-and-center in every industry.  To successfully meet commitments, DDI created an organization composed of experienced purchasing agents and logistics personnel.  DDI backs up this staff with a robust supply chain for components and materials needed to maintain operational requirements for our customers. 

    • Long-term trusted supplier relationships 
    • Supplier Performance Management 


    Our engineering and product development group supports manufacturing and supply chain operations.  This team has the expertise and experience to assist customers in achieving their goals. 

    • Structural & Mechanical Engineering 
    • Tooling and Fixture Design 
    • Reverse Engineering 
    • Obsolescence Resolution 
    • Vibration Testing 
    Joint Readiness Training Center

    Our GSA Contracts V797P-2103D and 8(a) Contractor status play major roles on Areas Of Concentration for the Military Training Divisions in which we support. It is our goal to provide support to the Soldier and his/her Chain Of Command.