Green Paper Products

100% Biodegradable

Introducing our new line of Biodegradable products; from Cutlery, Paper Straws, Plates, Thank You Bags, to Bowls and Cups.

We offer the following products:

Our goal is to supply you with the highest-grade, environmental friendly product at a competitive rate. 

DOC Development, Inc.

Our company goal is to help our clients to find the right materials with a good quality, competitive rates, and short turn-around times by working directly in partnership or conjunction with major manufacturers throughout the United States and around the world.

DOC Development, Inc. is also aware and concerned about the worldwide environmental impact of scraps on the planet, and our efforts are to find a way for manufacturers, factories and companies to avoid sending their scrap to a landfill. We take pride in these virtues and for what we have built our company around.