Alternating Pressure Mattress w/ Lateral Rotation


Item # DD-710339-80

PressureGuard APM2 Alternating Pressure/Lateral Rotation Mattress for aggressive treatment of existing pressure ulcers with patients who can’t or won’t reposition frequently but can be positioned off of ulcer in at least two positions. Also used for prevention of breakdown for patients at high-risk for breakdown (i.e. Braden score of 12 or less).

Two distinct therapy modes: Alternating Pressure Mattress and basic Lateral Rotation Mattress — with the flip of a switch. Control unit includes “static” button which parks the unit in powered flotation mode. Mattress offers anti-shearing surface, two-part Safety Edge, and subtle shifts in weight bearing in ten-minute cycles without sharp pressure drop-offs.


  • 35″W x 7″H x 80″
  • Wt. capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Low-pressure indicator
  • 18-month warranty

*Bed not included.

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