OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips & System


Item # DD7290-10

The OtoClear is specifically designed for safe ear irrigation. It directs water to the ear wall, NOT the Tympanic Membrane. Gentle Touch Design improves patient comfort. Flare-tip design cannot be over-inserted into the ear canal.

Sometimes, using a curette to remove ear wax is not the right approach for the patient. Sometimes you’ll get an ear canal with hard, dry or impacted wax that needs to be irrigated. But traditional ear irrigation methods that shoot water directly into the ear canal can be both dangerous and messy.

Enter the OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip with NEW Gentle Touch Design.
OtoClear Tips were developed as a better way to irrigate patients’ ears. Older ear irrigation methods that simply shot out a stream of water were often too harsh and could injure the eardrum. Not to mention that they were messy (kind of like trying to attach a balloon to a spigot…while the water is turned on).
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