Scanmaxx DV1920 Medical Video Converter

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Contract: V797P-2103DAmpronix Scanmaxx DV1920 Autosync Up/Downscan Medical Video Signal Converter. The Scanmaxx DV1920 is a premier video signal converter offering options of preprogrammed Input and Output resolution formats to suit your required specifications. Specifically designed for ease of use, the Scanmaxx DV1920 provides an immediate and practical solution for video conversion on a complete array of medical modalities.

The Scanmaxx DV1920 real time conversion of DVI video to Composite, Component, SDI, and/or HD-SDI provides stark, vivid, and true to life images and video to your HD or SD monitor, printer, and/or recorder. With autonomous single conversion, the Scanmaxx DV1920 eliminates any additional system exertion, providing your system with optimal processing.

For a complete comprehensive upscale and downscale DVI signal conversion, the Scanmaxx DV1920 provides the ultimate solution.


Scanmaxx DV1920 Medical Video Converter

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