Uplift Premium Seat Assist, Plus


The Uplift Seat Assist gives mobility a boost. It offers men and women a portable mechanism that helps in getting up from a chair or sofa. It raises up to 350 pounds without electricity, offering convenience that you can count on. The memory foam cushion creates long-term sitting comfort. The plus sized Uplift premium power seat furnishes up to 70-percent lift assistance. It easily provides the support needed to stand after sitting for a long period of time. This appliance has the advantage of patented Levelift Technology and offers a smooth and gentle rise.

  • Uplift Premium Seat Assist, Plus:
  • Provides up to 70-percent lift assistance for those up to 350 lbs
  • Use in or outside the home on most armchairs or sofas
  • Self-powered, uses no electricity or batteries
  • Memory foam cushion helps prevent pressure sores
  • Seat assist chair lift uses patented LeveLift Technology
  • Hydro-pneumatic gas spring
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