20 Inch Modalixx G202MG Modality LCD Display


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Contract: V797P-2103D
Modalixx G202MG 20.1″ AUTOSYNC GRAYSCALE MODALITY LCD MONITOR Modalixx G202MG is the ultimate grayscale High Bright medical LCD solution for modality CRT monitor replacement. G202MG will autosync to any legacy grayscale or color analog modality and up-scales it to clear, sharp, and vivid high bright 2 megapixel resolution. Armed with a complete set of input options, G202MG is compatible with nearly all medical modality applications. Replacing grayscale legacy modality Medical CRT monitors to medical LCD displays has never been easier. Covering Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, C-Arm, and Portable X-Ray applications. Modalixx display series is compatible with many manufacturers such as: GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu, Philips and other modalities. Modalixx G202MG medical LCD is capable of accepting any combination of BNC connections, including single to 5 BNC, as well as VGA. At any resolution from 525-1600 horizontal pixels, G202MG can accept from low line to high line video signals through BNCs or VGA inputs.

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