W.I.T.S. Program

A modular, open architecture, distributed, Wireless Independent Targeting System which provides maximum technology insertion while dramatically lowering cost of ownership. The WITS is software-adaptable to support the full range of tracked and wheeled logistics, utility, and light armored vehicles in service today. The WITS is easy to mount on a variety of vehicles and targets

Facility Grade Maternity

Hospital grade maternity pumps are made for use by multiple users when each user has their own accessory kit. They have a stronger motor than personal use pumps, and the kit is separate from the pumping mechanism and protected from overflow by a specially designed membrane. These pumps are ideal in a hospital, or a workplace

Residential Platform Lift

The Residential Vertical Platform Lift (RPL) is a safe, smooth and economical solution to the barriers porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes can create in and around a home. Designed from the ground up to be as cost-efficient as possible, the RPL is priced to be competitive with shorter units but built to accommodate

Ammunition Pallet Bottoms

Built and provided ammunition pallet boxes and bottoms for the Ft. Polk Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC). The Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) focuses on improving unit readiness by providing highly realistic, stressful, joint and combined arms training across the full spectrum of conflict (current and future).